Private Reprimand and Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace (8/12/20)


The judge failed to comply with the law and failed to disqualify himself as required when he performed the magistration of a family member. [Violations of Canons 2A and 3B(1) of the Texas Code of ...

Hon. Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez

 County Court at Law No. 13, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
 CJC No. 20-0267

Public Admonition and Order of Additional Education - On appeal to Special Court of Review

Hon. Gena Slaughter

 Judge, 191st Civil District Court, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
 CJC No. 19-0390

Public Reprimand

Hon. Randy Gray

 County Court at Law No. 1, New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas
 CJC No. 18-1145

Public Warning

Hon. Navarro Campbell Cox, II

 Judge, 145th Judicial District Court, Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County, Texas
 CJC No. 19-0529

Public Warning

Private Admonition of a Municipal Court Judge (2/5/20)


The judge lent the prestige of his judicial office to advance the private interests of another when he sent a letter to another judge in a manner that was perceived by the recipient as an improper ...

Private Warning of a Justice of the Peace (2/5/20)


The judge failed to comply with the law, and cast public discredit upon the judiciary, when he appeared in public while intoxicated to a degree to which he might endanger himself or the public. [V...

Hon. David Saucedo

 Maverick County Judge, Eagle Pass, Maverick County, Texas
 CJC No. 19-0146

Public Warning